clean water podcast household hazardous waste
clean water podcast best management practices

Episode 4, Riparian Buffers                                  

clean water podcast riparian buffers

Episode 5, Prevent Litter to Protect Clean Water                                 

clean water podcast prevent litter to protect clean water

Episode 6, Fats, Oils, and Grease Management

Episode 8, Home Water Management

clean water podcast watershed partnerships and stakeholders

Episode 2, Best Management Practices      

Clean water podcast series

Episode 3-2, Make Your Own Household Cleaners             

Episode 10, Septic System Maintenance

Episode 7, Proper Auto Maintenance

clean water podcast make your own household cleaners

Lake Fayetteville

Watershed Partnership

Episode 3-1, Household Hazardous Waste              

The clean water podcast series was produced as part of the 319 non-point source pollution grant in 2014. Click each picture below to view the podcast.

Episode 9, Proper Pool Drainage

Episode 1, Watershed Partnerships and Stakeholders